Getting Support

Dyspraxia Support Getting external support and help for Dyspraxia is rather difficult but is made easy if you know where to look. 

The best resource and place to contact is the Dyspraxia Foundation. They offer support, information, guidance and resources to assist for anyone, whether it be individuals who are afflicted with  Dyspraxia, families, schools, work places etc.



If you’re a teenager or young adult in need of support then I recommend

Dyspraxic Teens Forum: There are many people on there to help support and listen to problems (Even problems that aren’t Dyspraxic related!)

A great Facebook Group to check out is this one:
The Youth Group is for those aged between 13-25 that want help and guidance with Dyspraxia. There is a team of individuals that have had lives with Dyspraxia and have dedicated some of their time to help out and assist others.

For adults I recommend:
Dyspraxic Adults.
Much like the Dyspraxic Teens; only aimed at adults!

For anything else, I recommend seeing your Doctor, but also you may get the support and info you need from checking out other blogs and websites.
For my list of top websites click here:

Good luck!


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