Dyspraxic Dragon Memes

Dyspraxic Dragon Memes

Dyspraxic Dragon Memes
Dyspraxic Dragon Memes


Memes are a solid part of the internet nowadays. They are the internet’s catchphrases and are easily remembered. so can easily be used as a comic relief and learning tool at the same time. Dyspraxia memes already exist in the form of Dyspraxic Panda.

Now I have absolutely nothing against Pandas but, in my own opinion, I don’t think Pandas suit Dyspraxia. Many other memes make sense; like socially awkward penguin because penguins are awkward. Bad Joke Eel looks like it’s just told a joke and waiting for a response.  Personally I think Dyspraxia needs something else. Panda’s just doesn’t suit it. Bumblebees would have been a better choice (Hard working and erratic) After much thinking and plotting I came up with Dyspraxic Dragon. But why?

1) Dragons are often misunderstood…like Dyspraxia!
2) Dragons are often believed to not exist….like Dyspraxia!
3) Dragons are often not seen….like Dyspraxia!
4) Dragons fight against those who fight them….like those with Dyspraxia!
5) Because of alliteration (Dyspraxic Dragon)
6) Dragons accidental set fire to stuff (i.e a bit clumsy)

I decided to make 2 Dyspraxic Dragons, each with their own personality and set memes. Click the image to be taken to its library:
Epic Dyspraxic Dragon:’tis true that sometimes we are epic. This is to show off our fantastic side!

Rage Dyspraxic Dragon: This is our cross side. When people say something or do something negatively towards us it awakens the Rage Dragon. 

Epic Dyspraxic Dragon Meme
             Rage Dyspraxic Dragon Meme

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