>POST #042 ~ Learning Differences and The Media

Learning Differences and The Media The Media industry is very powerful, however when it comes to films about or includes those with learning differences they get it wrong in 2 ways: 1) They just name drop a learning difference to make the creators/directors/writers look like they’re being wide minded and caring. 2) They name drop … Read more

>POST #036 ~ Dyspraxia VLOG #001

Hello followers of my blog and new comers too! Since this website/blog went live I’ve always wanted to do vlogs to help it along. However I was never really that confident to actually do it, my alternative ice bucket challenge acted as a tester. I felt it worked enough for me to give Dyspraxia a … Read more

>POST #035 ~ The Charity Ice Bucket Challenges

What do you think of this? A little while ago the ALS ice bucket challenge became an internet sensation. Personally I actually disagree with the direction this charity event has taken a turn to. Some of the videos are actually great, however many ‘forget’ to mention why they are doing this challenge in the first … Read more

>POST #034 ~ Dyspraxia Unknown…Underrated.

I want to make it known that there are people, even mature individuals, who just don’t understand that there are others who operate differently to them. See things differently. Sense things differently. With Dyspraxia (and any learning difference) this is even more the case…people just don’t realise that despite everything they don’t know what we … Read more

>POST #033 ~ The United Force Against Discrimination

Discrimination is everywhere. And what is one of the lowest downright hurtful types is the hate. People who think it’s OK to publicise hatred for no good that is racism, sexism and of course Disability..erm…ism…plus many others. I have seen many Facebook pages dedicated to insulting, provoking and belittling groups of individuals because they do … Read more

>POST #030 ~ Addressing a Major Problem

It has been a main focus of my attention for a few days now; that there are some people out there (and lots more who blindly agree) who think that the likes of ADHD, AUTISM, DYSLEXIA, DYSPRAXIA and all the others do NOT exist, Now can I approach this with some tact? Yes I can! … Read more

Post #019 ~ FEEDBACK

Hello visitor(s)! It’s been a while since I’ve heard contact from anyone regarding my blog…and it is rather difficult to upkeep this blog to the highest standard when I’m not told anything. Check out the survey or just message me with at least one thing you like and at least one thing you dislike.   … Read more

Post #16 ~ The Aspects of Dyspraxia

Edit: I have since updated the diagram, please follow this link –  http://www.dyspraxicfantastic.com/post-078-diagrams-redone/  Here is a diagram, created by me, showing the many areas of development that Dyspraxia can affect. The one thing that makes Dyspraxia awkward is that the different areas affected will vary from Dyspraxic to Dyspraxic and then within that area will … Read more

Post #013 ~ It’s too quiet

I am still here 😀 it’s just there hasn’t really been much I can post on. As it is a new Month I have constructed another new title, and all round the outside some positive keywords describing Dyspraxia! What positive words do you describe Dyspraxia as?

Post #005-Thought of the Week

I’ve had some time to sit back and reflect this week, for once! I find that the ironic thing with Dyspraxia is that the worst attribute isn’t the forgetfulness, the clumsiness or any of that…no, what I find is that it’s the lack of understanding from others that causes our downfall! Perhaps you have a … Read more

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