>POST #056 ~ Dyspraxia Brainstorm (Tweaked)

The Dyspraxia Brainstorm is a diagram I created a while back to better show the different key elements of how Dyspraxia can affect an individual. The main content is till intact but I have brushed up on the look and changed some of the wording. Feel free to share this one around. Thanks followers! If there is a diagram you wish made up to better explain an element of Dyspraxia please let me know and I’ll see what I can do 🙂


If you’re looking for more explanations and diagrams click here

Dyspraxia Brainstorm v1.1
Dyspraxia Brainstorm

>POST #048 ~ BIG Update! >>>Coming Soon<<<

New rendition of my Blog coming soon!!!! So with my Blog going strong for over 2 years now, I’m thinking about redoing the design. For the main part it’ll still be the blog you know and love, but I’m putting a twist onto it to separate it from the rest and make it rather more … Read more

>POST #047 ~ Dyspraxia Youth Group

Finally something to get your teeth into rather than my ramblings of Blog updates!! There is a group set up especially for teens with Dyspraxia that are after support, information and guidance. If you head to this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DyspraxiaFoundationYouth/?fref=ts You can find more information there!

>POST #043 ~ Dyspraxic Fantastic Store!

I’ve now opened up an online store where you can buy all sorts of customised keyrings, stickers and other wondrous goodies. (With every purchase I’ll be donating some of it to the Dyspraxia Foundation, other money goes to the host website and I’ll scrape off a little bit to help keep this blog running) Checking … Read more

>POST #042 ~ Learning Differences and The Media

Learning Differences and The Media The Media industry is very powerful, however when it comes to films about or includes those with learning differences they get it wrong in 2 ways: 1) They just name drop a learning difference to make the creators/directors/writers look like they’re being wide minded and caring. 2) They name drop … Read more

>POST #038 ~ The way forward

So this Month marks the 2ND anniversary of the Dyspraxic Fantastic Blog going live! woohooo!! But there’s more than that. With a little bit of publicity I am now in ties with the Dyspraxia Foundation (The one and only charity backing Dyspraxia) with them I could pick up some more tips and tricks for this … Read more

>POST #036 ~ Dyspraxia VLOG #001

Hello followers of my blog and new comers too! Since this website/blog went live I’ve always wanted to do vlogs to help it along. However I was never really that confident to actually do it, my alternative ice bucket challenge acted as a tester. I felt it worked enough for me to give Dyspraxia a … Read more

>POST #033 ~ The United Force Against Discrimination

Discrimination is everywhere. And what is one of the lowest downright hurtful types is the hate. People who think it’s OK to publicise hatred for no good that is racism, sexism and of course Disability..erm…ism…plus many others. I have seen many Facebook pages dedicated to insulting, provoking and belittling groups of individuals because they do … Read more

>POST #032 ~ “Being Autastic”

For a long time I’ve always, and other people have, suspected me being on the Autism Spectrum…the fact that having Dyspraxia on its own is very unlikely and often there is something else mixed in. Well yesterday I had all the information gathered about myself that would concern Autism/Asperger’s and took it to a specialist. … Read more

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