Post #088 ~ Dyspraxia Awareness Week (9th-15th October 2016)

Howdy followers and friends! This week marks the time when it becomes absolutely acceptable to promote Dyspraxia and DCD far and wide. So don’t be afraid to share any content fired around from the Dyspraxia Foundation or the various bloggers and vloggers. Dyspraxia and DCD affects the same amount of people as Dyslexia does, however, Dyspraxia … Read more

Post #087b ~ Survey (Important Update)

A big thank-you to all those who have taken time to complete my survey, I really appreciate the feedback. There is, however, something I must go over. I encountered a problem, I take my time to go through everyone’s feedback one-by-one. One particular response back they left 3/10 for everything. I don’t mind this, but they … Read more

Post #087 ~ Survey (Finally Re-uploaded!)

Hello to my followers! So after a bit of a rough weekend with my blog, I’m slowing getting it back on track. However, on some lighter news, I got the chance to upload a new survey over the weekend. The survey will only take a couple of minutes and is completely anonymous and will help … Read more

Post #086 ~ Facebook Profile Reported

This update is mainly for my followers of my Facebook profile ‘Dyspraxic Fantastic‘. As many of you already know my Facebook Profile was reported for having a fake name. I am unsure on the future of the profile and it’s probably going to be deactivated as I have no way of defending the claim. If … Read more

Post #085 ~ New Accessibility Control Panel

Hello to my followers! I have slowly been tweaking my blog over the past few days, updating pages and redesigning my logo (with a little bit of help from my friends!) however early on I discovered that the accessibility panel no longer worked and so I went on the hunt for a new one… and … Read more

Post #083 ~ Being Inactive for a while

Hi to the awesome People who are still following me. I have been inactive for several weeks now due to having a very busy summer, including a birthday, camping, work. Work has changed for me to include more tasks that tests my abilities both generally and with my Dyspraxia. This sudden influx of work has … Read more

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